Beamish Stout is available on draught and in 500ml can throughout the the Republic of Ireland. At present we do not export to countries outside of Ireland.

The white object you found in your can of Beamish is called a ‘widget’ and this has been purposely placed in each can of Beamish during production. The widget contains the nitrogen gas required to create the draught flow effect when the cans are opened.

It is present in order to facilitate the production of a ‘head’ for stouts that are poured from a can. In other words it gives the stout its creamy white head when the can is opened.This widget is found in all draught cans of stout e.g. Beamish, Murphy’s and Guinness stout.

Beamish has a long history of supporting sporting development in Cork. Beamish is ‘Proud Partner’ of Cork Senior GAA Hurling & Football clubs and also the Munster Senior Soccer League.

We will continue to support our local sporting teams and are unfortunately unable to provide sponsorship outside of this be it sporting or an event.


Beamish & Crawford Brewery

Leitrim Street, Blackpool, Cork